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Attention WNY Families!
The BISON Children's Scholarship Fund is a privately funded program offering partial tuition assistance to low income families. Families awarded a BISON Children's Scholarship can enroll their child in any kindergarten through 8th grade private school of choice in Western New York. Scholarships are awarded by annual lottery drawing and are not academic or race-based scholarships, but awarded solely based on need.

How to Apply for a BISON Fund Scholarship

The Pre-Application deadline of February 29, 2016 has passed. If you’d still like to apply, we can place your family on our waiting list and you will be notified if more funds become available. This is only for families new to BISON. Current families should have recertified by March 31, 2016.

Follow the link below to complete the Pre-Application form.


Participating families are required to contribute to their children’s education and are therefore responsible for costs not covered by the scholarship. Each family agrees to pay a minimum of $500 per school year towards their children's tuition.

Grants are renewable annually provided that the family keeps up their portion of the tuition payments, the family remains financially eligible, and the child remains enrolled in an accredited private school in Kindergarten through eighth grade.

The maximum award we provide per student per school year is $1,800.

2016-2017 Income Eligibility Scale
Maximum Income Based on Total Annual 2015 Household Income
Household size Maximum Income
2 $40,861
3 $51,531
4 $62,202
5 $72,872
6 $83,542
7 $94,212
For each additional child add $10,670

DISCLAIMER: Applicants are not guaranteed a grant by completing this application.

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